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Boqueron Battle Victory Day

Boqueron Battle Victory Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Boqueron Battle Victory Day is a national holiday in Paraguay, commemorating the nation’s first major victory in the Gran Chaco War with Bolivia.

202429 SepSunBoqueron Battle Victory Day Holiday
202529 SepMonBoqueron Battle Victory Day
202629 SepTueBoqueron Battle Victory Day
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The Battle of Boqueron was a siege that took place between September 12th and September 29th of 1932. The Gran Chaco War lasted from 1932 to 1935.

In July of 1932, Bolivia invaded what is now unquestionably northern Paraguay and seized the fort of Boqueron. Their aim was to annex basically the whole of northern Paraguay, called “The Gran Chaco,” for large oil deposits supposedly hidden there.

The region is very rough, and there is very little good drinking water available. Thus, lack of water, food, and supplies was a major burden on both armies. In the end, a water shortage had much to do with the Paraguayan victory. But Paraguay had to attack to prevent a 3,500 man reinforcement unit from joining their Bolivian comrades at Boqueron.

Boqueron Battle Victory Day is a day of parades and other festivities throughout Paraguay. It is a time of great patriotic zeal and national pride.

Previous Years

202329 SepFriBoqueron Battle Victory Day Holiday
202229 SepThuBoqueron Battle Victory Day
202129 SepWedBoqueron Battle Victory Day Holiday
202028 SepMonBoqueron Battle Victory Day Holiday
201929 SepSunBoqueron Battle Victory Day
201829 SepSatBoqueron Battle Victory Day
20172 OctMonBoqueron Battle Victory Day Holiday