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Christmas 2019 and 2020

Christmas Day is a public holiday in Paraguay every 25 December. In Paraguay, Christmas is taken very seriously and is a deeply religious festival. Much is borrowed from Spanish Christmas traditions, but there are also many Native American touches that have entered the tradition.

201925 DecWedChristmas Day
202025 DecFriChristmas Day

Churches in Paraguay will be decked out with lights and sport large, colourful light-up Christmas ornaments. Town squares and city parks will also be decorated for the season, as will individual homes and businesses.

Nativity scenes, at homes and churches, are a central part of the celebration. They really function much like the Christmas tree does in other countries, but with a stronger connection to the religious meaning of Christmas.

Large, late-night family feasts on Christmas Eve are the rule in Paraguay. A Christmas toast will often be made at midnight, using either cider or champagne. On Christmas Day, most will attend mass and visit family.