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Independence Day

Independence Day 2023, 2024 and 2025

Paraguay celebrates Independence Day every 14 May. The observance looks back to the withdrawal of Spanish forces from Paraguay on 14 May, 1811, during their independence fight. The day after the withdrawal was the first full day of independence, and so, it is also kept as the day of celebration of independence by the Paraguayan people.

202314 MaySunIndependence Day
202414 MayTueIndependence Day
202514 MayWedIndependence Day
202614 MayThuIndependence Day
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The colonial centre of Paraguay was the 16th-Century settlement of Asuncion, which is still the nation’s capital to this day. The region became an agricultural centre as well as a centre of the Jesuit order of the Roman Catholic Church. While the Jesuits were expelled from Spain in 1767, they had a stronghold in Paraguay still, and they played a big role in the independence movement of 1811.

Many in Paraguay gather with family and friends to celebrate Independence Day. They may hold special meals, outdoor barbecues, and football matches, while consuming large quantities of beer or of wine-cola mixtures. Loud music is also blasted at these parties.

“Mate”, or “Yerba”, a traditional herbal drink drunk from a calabash gourd, is also consumed. And you may find “Paraguayan Soup” and many other traditional dishes on the holiday menu.

Previous Years

202214 MaySatIndependence Day
202115 MaySatIndependence Day
202014 MayThuIndependence Day
201914 MayTueIndependence Day
201814 MayMonIndependence Day
201714 MaySunIndependence Day